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Anyone from the Alliance Fleet
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Legion Rules    
1) Include a message of action in all alerts.
            Every bit of information helps, otherwise we don't know what you want.

2) Do not take an alerted planet if someone's name is on it.
            The only way we can give planets to other members is via legion alerts. If this rule is broken, the offender must leave the legion so the planet can be retaken by it's rightful owner. The offender may then rejoin the legion.

3) Do not alert someone if they attack/hack you once, they are probably just badge hunting.
            Kill them once or hack them and call it even.

4) Do not alert someone if they attack/hack you after you attack/hack them.
            If they attack/hack you 3 or more times feel free to alert them but only if you attacked/hacked them once for a badge.

5) When you do alert someone, include what started it in the alert message.
            This ensures that the officers can defend you when they cry like little bitches.

6) Do not repair legion members unless otherwise asked.
            Any legion member could be engaged in their own personal war, and it's always better to get hacked/raided than it is to get disabled again.
Legion Base    
Please continue to contribute to the base upgrade.
            In order to contribute, you need to have AI Logistics researched. You get about 1.3 experience per energy contributed. Exotic Matter gets donated very quickly. We suggest when the base goes up a level, try to get your exotic matter contributions in early.

DEFENSE TACTIC: When the alert shows up for the lock on our base,
    1) do nothing until the base hull is almost dead.
    2) Before the base hull dies, repair it using the credits repair option. It will take 4 hrs to cooldown
    3) When they resume attacking, use as many of the def/att/shield/hull abilities as possible.
    4) As each ability wears off, reset it again. With the traps, don't reset them until the trap ability has worn off. you will eat through your ap otherwise
    5) From here on, just continue to repair the base just before the hull is dead. you should be able to use the credit repair once more, otherwise use the emergency repair ability. It costs 4ap, and between repairing and replacing the base abilities, you will be running very low on ability points. 
    Good Luck!
- If you need an enemy's traps taken out, ask one of our legion's alts to do it. This will enable you to continue attacking, as well as save you from being disabled more times than you need.
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Legion Achievements    
Defeated the Annunaki legion

killcount: Usmc Federal Spartans = 1                 xiosis = 24 =)
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NOTE: Legion Rules do not apply to these players.
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